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Anyone else have an ACTY?

10 April 2008
Northville, Michigan
Just wondering if on a Forum for mid-engined Hondas, anyone else has an Acty?
Honda's version of the Kei-class pickups/vans is also a mid-engined design, being RWD and often 4WD utilizing the Realtime system.
We bought one at auction in Japan and had it shipped here, using a broker who has Imported several cars this way.
It took at least 6 Months, but I believe it was a worthwhile endeavor now that it's here.

Color me surprised that nobody else has an Acty on Prime!
Just like every other Honda it's waaaaaay too quiet so we decided to replace the heavy stock exhaust with an aftermarket muffler.
This is a work in progress as we've finally found a local muffler shop that has agreed to take on our project.
After removing the massive stock muffler I pieced together a lightweight system including an 18" long Supertrapp muffler to exit under the RR bumper area.
It's technically Spring here and once the roads have been rinsed clear of salt we'll be able to execute this deal (y)

I don’t have an Acty, but I love them and want one eventually. The pickup truck is my favorite. I don’t understand why I like them, I just do. Nice van!

We decided the glasspack muffler by itself was a bit too loud (mostly inside) at anything above cruising throttle, so put some holes in a solid endcap to see how it sounds.
MUCH better, as it turns out.


I also tackled replacing the original fuel hose to the carb, which due to tiny-mid-engined-car-packaging involves removing the carb (a PITA)....but I got it done!

I decided it would be fun to get a family photo of our mid-engined Hondas that represented the largest spread of horsepower.
The Acty has 38hp and the Lovefab NSX has a good deal more than that (y)


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After pulling and cleaning the gas tank, and replacing all fuel/return lines & filter I think I've solved the running issues.....so we took it to a local show :cool:

I'm on a roll, as we just added another small-displacement old school mid-engined Honda to the garage!

Shall We Begin Star Trek Voyager GIF by Star Trek

We now know the answer to the often-asked question "how fast will that thing go"?
Whoever picked 73mph in the office pool is the winner!
It's happy to cruise in the 50-65 zone all day, but at 73 it felt darty and was starting to pick up a vibration through the wheel....and did I mention it's as aerodynamic as a brick?
I think we avoid the freeways from now on, but I'm glad we did the test and answered the question (y)

There's not a lot of action in Off Topic, so it's not hard to miss ;-P

We've had fun driving it around this Summer, that's for sure!

I noticed some excess vibration (especially at idle), and figured our 30 year old motor mounts were in need of attention.
There are 3 motor mounts, but fortunately the easiest one to R&R is the one most likely to fail.
IF the LR motor mount looks like this, new ones can be ordered...or you could try to repair the existing one with polyurethane like I did.
Seal up one side very well (this stuff is thin and on my 1st attempt much of it ran out) and pour the urethane in.
I let it set up for a couple days before re-installation, and it's been working great ever since.

Bonus, it even firmed up the shifting a bit too (y)