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Anyone from Ottawa?

27 May 2008
Ottawa, Can
I was browsing through the Canadian section (Although i did a quick search, I didn't find anything), but i see that there are "many" people from Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

My question is, are there any NSX owners on here from the Ottawa area? I'm more or less just curious, i've seen some very nice NSX's (not my favourite Imola Orange Pearl though) around in the Kanata and the Orleans area, anyone here from Ottawa or so though?
Im "from" Ottawa but live in Toronto.

The NSX Club of Canada has a few very valued members in Ottawa, and there seem to be about another dozen or so NSXs there owned by people who are not NSXCC members.

There are a few Ottawa guys on this forum; they'll pipe in.
Piping In. :rolleyes:

I'm the opposite of Biobanker: I'm from TO but I now live in Ottawa ..err...Stittsville. The west end has 3 of us (2 in kanata and me in stitts). There about 18 in total in Ottawa. If you have one come out to our breakfast meeting tomorrow morning at Kristys on Richmond Rd. 9am sharp!

We encourage all local NSXers to become NSXCC members cuz its just the plain cool thing to do!

Here's our website: http://groups.google.com/group/ottawa-nsx-owners

Heck, even if you don't have one (which according to your .sig, you don't) come out anyway. The downside is there probably won't be any NSXes there tomorrow because of the rain!
Ottawa, again, we received written confirmation from Honda that NSXs, unlike those china doll red prancing horse cars with the blow dried hair, dont melt in the water!!!

Those Japanese are genious'!!!
I normally could give a rats ass whether my car is dirty or not but in my case its just out of the paint shop and I'm waiting fo the 3M clear bra to arrive. The rain has a tendency to track a lot of road debris so I am trying to avoid anything that will pockmark my nose as much as feasible.
Wow!!! Thanks for the invite, i would have DEFINITELY came either way to meet you all! Unfortunately, i had to come to Toronto!!

No, i do not have an NSX (yet) i was close to picking one up, but it was way too much of a stretch and i decided that it would be better to wait for me to finish school and have my business up at 100% before i decide to buy one.
No worries.

Next month's official meet will be announced after today's breakie meet. We're likely going for a nice cruise to a meal spot. Also, I am sure we're hitting up Hazeldean Mall's tuesday night cruise for some hardcore hardparkin' ;) this month sometime. Get yourself put on the mailing list and stay on top of all the happenings :biggrin:
I thought you need an NSX to join? I will definitely check it out, it would be cool to see or be in the ride along or something of the sort!
Cool, i'll deff check it out. Thanks!
Err...you mean the site you gave the link too just now? Haha, sorry, work + business + school = no sleep!
Err...you mean the site you gave the link too just now? Haha, sorry, work + business + school = no sleep!
...yeah, Brad WTH were you thinking! You know all NSX owners are slackers who don't do anything all day!
...yeah, Brad WTH were you thinking! You know all NSX owners are slackers who don't do anything all day!

Too bad I don't own an NSX, but I have enough experience in slacking that when I do get one, I'll have a head start!

Well, no. I posted the link in a post on Tuesday.

Yeah, that was the link I was referring too....I hadn't noticed the date. But I've joined!

Hey, i know i "resurrected" the thread that's old, but this is for the Ottawa people again, or anyone who may know!

Do you happen to know a certified Honda/Acura mechanic in the area...I know you guys might and probably take your NSX's to the dealer, or even do it yourself, but my TL and EL both need to go in for servicing...big ones...the TL has to go in for a SRS light, Timing Belt, Windshield Washer Fluid Light, and stuff, as it hasn't gone in in a while.

The El is just a tune up, which it'll probably go to dealer.

The Civic has the control arms that need to be fixed, the shifter wire is worn and needs to be fixed, and the indoor power locks (the silver button on the driver side to open all the locks) doesn't work.

Yes i realize the TL and Civic REALLY are in bad condition, and trust me, after they go in, i'm going to make sure they go in on time every time. The Civic and TL are my brother in laws and sisters, so i really don't pay attention to it, even though i drive all of them constantly...but i'll start taking care of it like i do the EL.

The only reason i'm asking is because now for the older cars, the dealers are charging and enormous amount, and i understand it's expensive (1100+ for timing belt..) and i mean on the Civic, it's actually cheaper to buy a NEW ENGINE (Integra engine if i want a power boost) with much less mileage and still walk out better than replacing the belt.

So if you guys could help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(Don't worry, if i were to get an NSX, it would be treated like the EL is mechanically..and better than the EL physically as the we've encountered some serious bad luck with the EL).

Thanks again!
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Completely didn't think to check there...sorry