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Anyone have any experience with a PREPAINTED wings west body kit?

5 February 2002
Seminole, Texas
I have been thinking about ordering a prepainted kit. My car is a 1997 formula red car which is in mint condition. Despite condition, could 5 years of "covered" time fade the paint? Has anyone had matching problems?
I just took delivery of a pre-painted WW front air dam. The color is pretty close, but it's not spot-on. Since I need to have the whole front clip done soon I told them that a precise match wasn't important. Even so, they made me sign a hold-harmless agreement to protect themselves from any mismatch.
I don't know about the whole kit, but I think the air dam was about $150.
I could be wrong though.

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I had my front lip pre-painted by WW on my '91. Although the color was great, the durability was horrible. The paint chipped and fell off. I ended up repainting it locally within 1000 miles. My local body shop said the paint was too thick and had no flex additive. We'll see how it holds up this time. Therefore, based on my experience, I would not have WW pre-paint the piece.
A friend got the lip and side skirts from WW prepainted on his 93 Formula Red. I was shocked to see that the color was nearly perfect. However, I agree, the durability was not good, and it got chiped easy. While the pre-paint is very well priced, I think in the long run, it maybe be a better idea to have a local shop install it. The WW kit requires some massaging work to get it to fit properly anyway.

-- Chris


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