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Anyone have home garage lifts?

11 June 2012
Aurora, Ontario, Canada

I'm looking into getting a home garage lift and was wondering if anyone on here had one.

I have questions like:
-where did you get it
-what's the best type to get to work on the NSX
-what kinds of work can you do with what you have
-how much $

I look forward to your replies.

I recently installed one at my Grandmother's house.
The garage height is 13 ft and I beleive you need 11ft. The electric hydraulic hoist can hold up to 9000lbs. It cost a little under $3000.

The installation required atleast 5 inches of concrete. I beelive we had 3 so we had to dig out the floor and pour new cement. 8 inches i believe. The nsx, s2000 and even ep3 are too low so made some wood block ramps for it.

Here are some pics of the process










Really good info and pics! Thanks a lot man!

Did you have to modify your garage door tracks at all?
How did you determine the thickness of your concrete? My home is only a couple of years old, but I can't remember what the specs for that were (i dont know if they even told me)
Yea we did have to install a completely new garage door that goes straight up and then bends.

We determined the thinkness with a drill lol
Are you looking for a 'lift', or a 'hoist'. Difference being whether it's 'free-wheel' or not. Lots of options for 4 post lifts out there that require no modification to a standard 100mm concrete slab. Hoists are more limited and have increased requirements for point loading on the floors (as you can see with the second post).
I'm getting one from direct lift pretty well priced good warranty and has all the certificate for safety

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I have a 4 poster from Carlift.ca based in Calgary.
I have a 10 ft ceiling and can put the NSX on the lift and my Mercedes wagon underneath.
My hoist can be moved on casters easily which is handy
A two poster would be better but I have a radiant floor in my garage and can't drill into it to anchor posts

I'm actually right in the middle of a car lift (4 poster storage lift, not a 2 post hoist) project myself.

Had the garage door rails modified a month ago to give me the extra room. Now just pricing things out. I have a few other expenses this summer so I'm looking at a fall install.

Lift Superstore in Oakville has given me the best price so far, but I know Costco sells these things every so often (not right now of course :rolleyes:) and Princess Auto carries a really cheap one that might do the trick. All of the ones under $3K are made in China with US made hydraulics. They will work with either 110V household or you can wire the garage for 220v which will make them work faster. I plan to install one this year and probably one more in 2-3 years so I can cram 4 cars in my 2 car bay.

Here's a pic of the higher rails in my double bay next to my wife's single bay with standard height rails (she's the white Odyssey). :)

How did you modify your garage rails? Did you do it yourself? Do you have to change anything with the way the opener mounts to the door? I would image the angle of force applied would be different from the opener in this new position no?

I'm looking into a 2-post... mainly to be able to do things like install exahust system and drop engine to do timing belt, valve adjust etc... Can these things be done with a 4-post?


Does anyone have the Danmar maxJack? How is it?
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If you are depth hindered, you will need to utilize a 'high-lift' door configuration. This will also necessitate the use of a door opener that lifts from the bottom panel vs the top panel. These are called 'jack lift operators' in the commercial world.