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Repeat owner 1991 with 7.6k miles red/black

28 April 2024
Hi Everyone,

I finally returned to Prime after 21 years of waiting. I had a 1991 back in 2003 that I drove for probably a couple of weeks before I missed 5th gear and spun a crankshaft bearing, forcing an engine rebuild. Ever since I have wanted to get another one. 21 years later (at a much higher price now... lol) I finally got my hands on this beauty.
You guys might have seen this car on BaT years ago https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1991-acura-nsx-7-2/
And recently it was sold to me by a dealer with still ONLY 7,656 miles on it. Super happy to finally own this formula red with black.

So far, only one picture in the garage, but soon, after a proper detail, I will take it for a photo shoot here in Miami and will post the photos here.

Look forward to getting back into the community and potential local events.
All the best to everyone here.


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Yes, welcome back onto the fold!

NSX Prime is once again on the upswing, and I've never read a post yet where someone said "I regret getting another NSX after selling my prior one" (y):cool:(y)