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Anyone here in Shanghai? Suggestions

29 August 2005
LA and OC
Any suggestions on where to go or what to do here would be great thanks.
not there,

but wish you were there in April to watch F1. I was there last year in April and it was a blast!

If you want to go to a super expensive foreign location, you can check out 新天地 with pubs/bars playing jazz and the like.

Pudong area, east side, is a bit newer with a lot of new construction. Maybe you can check out what's left with the Shanghai Expo stuff.

PuXi area, west side, is more like an older part of shanghai. cool places to check out.

Really depends what you want to do, Karoke, clubbing, massage, buying fake stuff, etc.
Thanks for the suggestions, I have been all over the place here and su zhou. Seems like my days are planned already except for a few days. I am so beat from going out, drinking, traveling that I am just staying in the hotel tonite.

Definitely good times here though.

Traffic is a nightmare here and the driving is scary as usual.