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2019 power system problem and power brake problem

Your warranty period does not change. It is still 100,000 miles or 8 years from the in service date. If the car was sold new in California I believe the traction battery is good for 150,000 miles or 10 years. They had to remove a lot of stuff to get access to the traction battery. Rear carpet, side panels seats, etcetera. Your 12 volt battery was getting long in the tooth. It is good you replaced it. Enjoy your car!
@socalbreeze ... My dad and I own matching 2017 NSXs ... his is throwing the same codes PLUS a "P1A5F: Motor Multiple U-V-W Phase Sensor Failure" ... thought initially it may be the 12V system but wonder if it's the same issue you were dealing with. Could you provide me with the name and contact info for the dealership and technician that diagnosed and fixed?
Hi there, my car was throwing power system failure and power brake failure. During this time I cannnot toggle between driving settings it was annoying as hell. It looks like your battery has failed and need a replacement. The dealer that diagnosed the issue was Weir Canyon Acura. The manager there Brian is a stand up guy.
@socalbreeze ... thank you. I suspect you are right on the battery failure. I just want to educate them on other people's experiences so that they can get down to the issue faster if that doesn't remedy the problem. Thanks for your insights in this thread. I'll refer them to Brian if needed. A good service manager can be hard to come by so I appreciate the reference.
glad i can help! cuz the first dealer i went to tustin was absolutely useless they just keep telling me to drive it more and it was like this for 4-5 months so avoid them at all cost.
got the car back. replaced the hybrid battery and all codes are gone! kinda blessing in disguise I guess, now the battery warranty starts brand new again lol. The jb4 still connects without any issues. tks again everyone for the valuable comments.
Great news that you got it fixed. How many miles on your car? What mode do you drive most of the time?