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Anyone in Houston able to vouche for this car? JH4NA1268MT002995

8 May 2007
Morning all,
I'm in the process of wrapping up a deal with Ty regarding this NSX. I'm currently looking for a shop or person in the Houston area that can verify the condition of the car but I was curious if any of you have seen it or been in it to verify the good condition of the vehicle. Please take a look at the link and let me know if you've seen the quality of the kit and the body work or if you've been around it while driving. Thanks!

Re: Anyone in Houston able to vouche for this car?

What do you want checked out about the car?
If you want a mechanic to do a PPI, then have Ty take the vehicle to Southwest Acura (Sterling McCall) and arrange for Carl to check it out as far as engine compression goes, etc. The cost for a PPI is usually just over a $100 and you'll need to pay for this.

Almost all of us in Houston have seen his car. His car is very nicely done. Granted, I've never personally inspected every panel, etc up close. But, his car looks great. And Ty never abuses his NSX like some ppl I know here in Houston that I won't name ;)