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Anyone in/near Central Texas have the Taitec GT exhaust?

10 April 2001
Austin, TX
I tried this on the Southcentral list, but there doesn't seem to be much traffic there nowadays, so I figured I would try this forum...

It would be great if you also had aftermarket headers, but I'll be happy either way. I am considering picking up a Taitec GT exhaust for my 92, but would like to hear one in person first. However, a trip to L.A. seems to be a bit much.

If any in Central Texas (I'm in Austin, but willing to travel) has one, I would really appreciate it if I could meet and take a look/listen. I'm willing to travel; San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston are givens; anything over 300 miles is possible.
I have the JGTC Taitec center exit exhaust with the Taitec cat piped and DC Sports headers. I know you are interested Taitec GT exhaust but if you want to come to Houston and check out my setup just let me know.