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Anyone know anything about 5zigen GN+?

10 October 2003
Los Angeles, CA
I did a search, but it seems that not too many people have them on their NSX. I see that Dali sells them, and it seems that they have good prices for them. Opinions? I was thinking 17X8.5 front and the 18X9.5 rears in bronze (for black NSX) Oh, I think they were 43+ offset..can't remember...site is currently down.
They weigh a ton! If you're not worried about weight and you like them then go for it. I also considered getting a set when they first came out until I lifted one.
wow...they weigh that much, huh? Anyone know exactly how much they weigh? Other question is: Dali recommends the 43+ offset, yet the 5zigen website suggests the 38+...what's the opinion here?
Just wanted to add my experience with 5zigen wheels. I bought a set bout 2 months ago and they wobble at over 60 even though ive had them balanced 3 times now. Also the paint is literally falling off. I am getting them sent back to 5zigen to get a new set hopefully.
Richard here in Edmonton got a set and swears by them so far.
Not sure if he is back in the country yet, but will check. This is what he bought.
The fronts are 17 by 7.5 with a 48 offset.
Rears are 17 by 8.5 with a 48 offset.
His comments then are:
The fronts will not work with stock brakes with this offset unless some minor filing is done to the calliper mount bracket. So if you want the brakes stock then you need to reduce the front offset to 42 mm. Price including shipping etc was 1506 from BC auto design. Web site is bcautodesign.com

Richard did a lot of research on these. He is a real track guy and likes his technical stuff, and also a around great guy and asset to have in Edmonton.
He also developed his own big break kit for the nsx!
Here are a few pics.
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Thanks for the inputs fellas. Fanman, thanks for the pics. I went out on Saturday and bought a set. I got 17x7.5 +35 offset and 18x9.5 rear with +38 offset. Hope these will fit :smile:
Let us all know how they work out, and pictures are worth a few words I've heard. I'm interested to see how those offsets work and how they look with the stock body.