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Anyone know if the Dali coolant tank is pressurized setup?

Yes, I just installed my yesterday. I didn't polish my tank prior to installation and then I found out one has to polish to get all that shine.
Originally posted by Nsxotic:
You don't have to polish it to get the shine if you buy the poished one...... It gleams right out of the box....but that's not what the thread was about so sorry for correcting. You must have bought the anodized one instead.....

Don't worry about the correction, but I bought the one, see link here: http://www.daliracing.com/nsxcatalog/toys/coolant_alum_pol.cfm

So I guess I got the aluminum polished tank. If you look at the picture, most part are shining except the bottom right side. That is the exact coolant tank I have. So did I by the anodized one?
That's the same one I have and every inch of it is high shine polished....... You should call Mark...


Todd Arnold