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Anyone know String Instruments

12 March 2001
If I posted some pictures of string instruments, is there anyone who could possibly identify what type of instrument they are, age, and a manufacturer?
If I posted some pictures of string instruments, is there anyone who could possibly identify what type of instrument they are, age, and a manufacturer?

Post the picture, if I can't help you, I'll ask my friend who is the principle string for LA phill.
If they are violins or perhaps other bowed instruments, I believe I'm your man. Gdae is, after all, the strings on a violin.:wink:

When I feel bass-ackwards I break out the cello (eadg).:smile:
Great. I am going to take some photo's of these today and I will post them later. I am looking to put them up on ebay but I want to be sure to market them properly.
Pictures coming in minutes renee is loading them up now

#2 on the inside says

E.R. Dfretzschner
mittenwald obb
hand made copy of
antonius stradivarius
west germany

#4 says
hand crafted
made in china
vn 350-1/2
Just some quick notes based on your labels. Unfortunately, inital info doesn't point in the direction of a fortune in the attic. Mittenwald and Markneukerchen(sp? oy!) were for most of the 20th century the prime source of cheap-to-intermediate grade student instruments.
The good news is that maker inserted the name of the firm in the instrument, not a generic Stradivari label, which indicates some pride in craftsmanship.
As for the other, Chinese were for years bottom of the barrel, burn-it-when-you-get-cold instruments. However, the Chinese aren't stupid and if the violin was made in the last 5-10 years it could be a gem because they are now making them "correctly" and selling them at a price that the Italians cannot beat. Italian-made instruments are like Ferraris, btw. Good, bad, it doesn't matter. Made in Cremona = winner.
Give you something more concrete when the pictures show up.:smile:

























The brown violin:

The usual attic-find German violin. Strad model. It probably hasn’t been played in 20 years at least. Agewise, these were sold in abundance during the 1920’s, although it could be 100+ years. List it as an antique. Fingerboard and nut are not made of ebony (bad). The purfling (inlay around the edge) is real (good). Maple in the back is plain with faked flame. Belly wood has reasonably close grain, which is good for the sound.
Your selling points are that (at least as far as I can see) it has NO CRACKS. Varnish is dry and it needs to be repegged; but other than that and a few add-ons (like new strings), this one will sing again.
It’s hard to value violins because people sometimes bid them too high. But I wouldn’t pay more than $100 as-is, or more than $250.00 fixed up. But you never know, could go much higher ….

How’s this to list:

Antique German Violin

Stradivari model, condition as shown, no chips, cracks, or breaks. Wear is commensurate with its age. Has a strong new bridge and the purfling is inlaid. Close-grained wood in the belly. Could use a new peg and strings to play again, polish and fingerboard dye to look its best.
Here’s your chance to own an antique violin, already aged and played in.
Comes shipped in a case for added protection, along with original bow.

(Make changes and price it, of course, as you see fit.)
Double-check to make sure I’m not wrong about this one being half-sized, sometimes it’s hard to be certain.
Your description:

Palatino Hand Crafted 1/2 Sized Violin

This new violin has been only very lightly played and comes as a complete set with fitted case, and bow. Correctly made and set up with ebony pegs and fingerboard. Comes with four fine tuners to make finding the correct pitch easy and a chin rest. The varnish is still glossy and there are no chips, cracks, or breaks in this instrument. Beautiful. Perfect violin for a student.

Or something like that. Better check current half-sized prices to see what the going rate is. Perhaps $250.
Fine E.R. Pfretzschner Violin

Made by hand in 1979, Mittenwald, West Germany. Copy of Antonio Stradivari. Finely carved, rosewood pegs, Dominant strings. Excellent, even grained belly wood, tasteful shading in the varnish. Comes with black velvet fitted case, Forte-Primo shoulder rest …

And the rest I can’t tell from lack of pictures. I’m going to assume the rest, here. Say something like:

Good flame in the wood of the sides and back, ready to play, excellent tone. Comes with bow.

Another note: take a good look at the bow, note any names stamped on it. It has the potential to be worth more than everything else put together. I can’t say more because I just can’t see it. But this looks like your best violin by far.
If I were you, I’d sell those hand-carved pegs and tailpiece separate from an instrument. Those don’t usually come cheap:

Hand Carved Boxwood Pegs and Tailpiece

New, ready to be fitted to your instrument. Peg heads are carved with a fleur-de-lys motif, a decorative collar and button. Highly carved full-sized tailpiece comes with nylon tail-gut.
Last but not least:

German Violin with Baroque Lion Head Scroll

This is an old violin that comes with its own velvet-lined case and bow. The unusual scroll depicts a stylized lion’s head. This violin is in fair shape; it comes with accessories such as bridge, tailpiece, and bow. Needs varnish on the belly as it has been stripped, and to be repegged. Flat Stradivari model should have good tone.

OK, steveny, that’s about it, I think, except to say that flutes are outside my field. I can tell you that the prices are pretty consistent, so it should be really easy to look up your maker on ebay and find the going rate. Some models have a cache that goes for a premium, so you might be surprised.
Hope I didn’t leave anything major out. Need anything else, let me know.

Now everyone knows where I blew half my life.:redface:
Steel strings, not gut? Fiddle.
Difference between a violin and a fiddle is that you can spill beer on the fiddle.:biggrin:

The strings are perlon wrapped with chromed filament (except for the e, always steel). Gut is for period instruments, now.:smile: