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Anyone Know this NSX? JH4NA2164XT000186

17 July 2006
Calabash, NC
Have a deposit down on this car being sold by Ed Martin Acura in Indianapolis. Is anyone familiar with this car? According to carfax, 1st owner first leased the car, then purchased it in Indiana. The second owner was in Ohio. Traded it in on an MDX.

VIN: JH4NA2164XT000186
Re: Anyone Know this NSX?

If that is the red and tan one it has been wrecked in the front end. It has also had a front end alignment done about every other month which indicates to me something isnt right. It has had some paint work also due to the accident. Check that "complete" carfax closely. I am unsure what the carfax says today but when i saw the original it pointed out the accident. If that doesnt bother you then its a clean looking car.
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