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JH4NA1266MT003210 - Any insight on this NSX?

8 August 2007
First, why would someone do this to a NSX? 2nd, Does anyone know the 411 behind this car? It sold on eBay in the Summer of 2023 for $45,900 and now is back on the market for $49.9k. Is there something seriously wrong with this car?




Looks like it has >200k, & it would probably be at least $5k to fix that interior, not including that phone holder on the left, which would really rack up the $ to fix underneath. They even messed with the trim around the alarm indicator and they couldn't even put that steering wheel cover on straight or, better yet, pitch it? The dashboard says automatic but the console trim has the 5-speed H pattern?

Looking at Racer X's spreadsheet, that seems a reasonable ask for a dealer, planning to settle for considerably less considering the pig-in-a-poke factor of any potential issues with all of those mods that may not be documented to Honda standards. One option would be to buy it if the price is right, but if things really go south, you could part it out without losing your shirt.
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That's good to know and probably not a good omen lol.
I looked it over. A plus is that it has pretty extensive service records. Reminds me of my AT NSX when I first got it, actually. TB/WP in 2015. At least some coolant hoses done, though it does suggest a blowout event. The nav pod switches scream NOS, but then again they could be for the audio system. The car has been painted (poorly) and there is panel mismatch all over it. Panel fitment is bad too. The paint job is either covering an accident or maybe the owner just wanted to freshen it up. I'd want a "X" frame measurement in both the front and rear crumple zones before I laid any cash down on this one.

The interior is hideous, but then to each his own. I'm sure the PO loved it. The car was originally Ivory, based on the A-pillar covers. I'm perplexed by the MT shift knob and bezel trim even though it's a AT. At least they include the OEM AT lever so you could put it back. The interior is fixable though. Given it has a bumpin' audio system, there's probably a rat's nest of bad wiring behind the dash.

At 207,000 miles, the AT is an issue- the internal filter is almost certainly clogged and it's likely showing signs of line pressure buildup and shocks, but you'd have to drive it to know for sure. In any event, I'd think about replacing the clutch packs, shift solenoids and filter. At that point, it might be cheaper to just send it to Pat at Level 10 and have it redone with a new torque converter. That would give you another 100,000+ miles of trouble free operation.

The engine appears to have been well cared for from the receipts, which is a plus, but if the car had NOS and/or a main hose blowout, all bets are off. I'd want a warm compression test, leakdown and block gas test done. If it passes, you might have lucked into a decent NSX engine.

Assuming the body is straight and the engine isn't blown up, this car is saveable. I'd go in at $35,000 and not pay over 40 for it. It's going to need a lot of TLC (like mine did), but you could bring it back. Figure $5k to $10k to at least get it back to normal. another $10k to $20k to make it pretty again. It's gonna need a real paint job and panel fitting.
When it was for sale in the Summer on eBay I had offered the seller $40k or $42k, but was out bidded. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise lol. I would pick it up for $35k, but I doubt they would go that low.

As always, thank everyone for their valuable input. :)
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