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Anyone still have one of these?

I finally heard back from Honda Canada.
My contact did not know if these were a Honda Canada promotion or not.
He did mention a number were given to dealers.
In any event he says there are none left.
So we have found three out of 500 :smile:
I received #39 of the NSX print when i purchased the vehicle in 1991. It is cross-referenced to JH4NA1152MT800191
Please remind me as to whose signature is on the bottom right of the print?
1991 NSX cast paper sculpture

Hi I am new to the site. I found this thread yesterday while searching online for info regarding NSX cast paper sculptures. I have one from my 1991 NSX that I purchase
new back in 1991. I am wanting to sell it off to someone that has more use for it than I do in my senior years.P3182865.JPGP3182863.JPGCIMG0123.jpgCIMG0121.jpgCIMG0120.jpgCIMG0117.jpgI also have the attached NSX folder with original vin identification card. If anyone is interested please contact me at [email protected]. Serious interest and offers only. Thanks.
anyone wishing to sell a paper sculpture, please feel free to contact me!
if anyone wishes to sell one, can you send me a price?
Nothin' like bumping an old thread but I had forgotten all about this so I just looked at mine and I got #4! My original sales invoice also lists the car as an NS-X so I guess I ordered it before they decided to drop the hyphen. From these indicators, it looks like I ordered it pretty early but my VIN ends in 252 so I always thought it was 'mid stream'. My sales invoice says I originally ordered it on Oct 3, 1990. The door sticker says it was manufactured in March/91 and I picked it up in June/91 which isn't really that early in the original run, is it? Did these paper pictures get distributed as each car was delivered or after the fact? As an original owner, you would think I would remember how this all came about but it was 33 years ago and the extra 'bling' I got wasn't really why I bought the car nor did I ever think any of it would be rare or valuable some day. I also have a red NSX jacket that I got when Honda Canada sponsored an all-inclusive 4-day track event at Circuit Mont-Tremblant to thank first time buyers for having enough faith in them to buy this special car. Oh, and an NSX Swiss Army Knife too! Still very sharp.
I have the listing of all the Original owner's/VIN's etc. MY 91/92, including those that took the track day in Quebec and BC. Wondering how many still own their NSX

I'm the black one in the second row. I have aged... my car has not LOL. A few years ago, I inquired and received an email from a fellow named Vince at Mt Tremblant with the details of this event and he claims it was only 2 days long but I certainly recall more than 2 days of training and driving (and laughter and wine and food). My original recollections was that this event was for 1st year buyers but in the front row, you will see a white one which (from what I understand) only came along in 1992. Again, I was just in love with the car and amazed (but not surprised) that Acura/Honda Canada was treating us so well so I wasn't really intent on remembering all the details. We were just having a blast. It would be a great event to take as many of these cars back to Mt Tremblant for a track day (or two) with or without their original owners. I've often wondered how many original owners are left on the planet but with today's concerns over privacy, I'm sure companies won't/can't release that info without jumping through hoops.
NSX - Summer 1992 - le Circuit Mt Tremblant.jpg
Very Cool...do you have the sticker on your car and the Driver Certificate?

The the VP responsible for the introduction of the NSX into Canada was a very good friend of mine.....sadly, he passed away in 2022. His department was in charge of these events.

Enjoy the OG owners , who still have car

and are still alive!:cool:
i have #56 of 500. not the original owner and paid very dearly for it.