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Anyone with a Aftermarket intake

13 November 2001
How is it going ? I am a proud new owner of a 91' black/ivory NSX. I am new and am wondering what aftermarket air intakes everyone has and about how much it costs or would cost!
Any help would be appreciated.
If there is any Utah NSX'rs drop me a email.
Search the FAQ, then the forums. You'll find lots of info, but the bottom line is that they aren't worth much if anything in real HP but lot's of people like the way they sound. Keep in mind that Honda had nothing to gain by using a restrictive intake on such a high performance car, and they had the resources to make sure it worked. My concern about anything else it the quality of the filter.
I had a cone-shaped K&N air filter on my NSX. As sjs noted, the difference in sound was much more noticeable than any difference in performance.

Then I heard some advice from a very reliable NSX specialist, to the effect that of the customary "light mods" (intake/header/exhaust), the one that has been found most likely to cause problems with the engine is the intake, by allowing more and/or bigger particulants (dirt) into the engine. I restored mine back to stock at that point.
I have noticed that most of the aftermarket
intakes actually result in decreases in both hp and torque especially in the middle rpm ranges when compared to the OEM intake and filter. I suspect that may be related to a
decrease in cold air velocity reaching the intake manifold. Might I suggest simply
dropping a K&N filter in the stock airbox.
You will notice a slight improvement in sound
and MPG if not power.
I have a K & N cone too. Took it off.

Sounded great, but I read about the drawbacks.

If you want to get great sound, buy Chris's (SOS) Tiatec Ex. On sale for $799. (Tax return - Bye,Bye)

You will get a small HP inrease and save some weight as well.
I just put a K&N drop in replacement for the factory filter in my NSX and from what you guys are saying, its kinda making me think twice. From reading the forums, So many people have put some kind of aftermarket air filter in their cars... So whats the verdict... can anyone shed light on this situation? Will it do damage to my engine? If so, how much and to what extent?
I have the K&N drop in Filter part number is 75-16602 the only draw back is you need to clean it more often no big deal I really cant feel anymore power compared to the stock one.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
Not to confuse you my box came with those numbers on it but take Ken's advice on the part number.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
It's true that you need to clean the K&N air filter more often (using their special oil); however, it also has the advantage that it lasts essentially forever as long as you keep cleaning and oiling it, so you don't have to replace it the way you do the OEM filters.
I have and would recommend the GruppeM intake...

The good:

1. It sounds the best
When accellerating hard it "sings" filling the entire cabin area with F355 style sound. Many, many times louder than stock. Not really sure what it sounds like from the outside, though I'm sure it would be drowned out by a loud exhaust. However even with a loud exhaust it is very noticable to you and your passangers, often drowning out the exhaust note. Though with the windows rolled down, I usually get a nice balance between hearing both equally which sound very good together.

2. It looks the coolest
Show me an intake that looks cooler! I keep my engine cover off and the intake is the first thing everyone seems to notice and comment on.

3. It uses regular K&N filter material
You can clean it using standard K&N cleaning techniques. So it should last basically forever.

The bad:
1. Expensive
Around $800. The phrase "rip off" comes to mind. But if you're willing to pay up, you won't regret it-- it's a very high quality piece.

2. No noticable performance increase
I detected no noticable performance increase or decrease after installing the intake. It's all sound and looks.
My vote goes to the Cantrell Concepts / Science of Speed intake duct that replaces the baffle with a duct that routes the entire left-side vent up into the airbox. The sound is awesome, especially with the driver's window open. I won't vouch for performance, but lots of people have sworn it makes a difference (although you won't see it on a dyno). I did see an accelleration difference of maybe .01g on a g-tech pro in second gear from 30 to 80mph, but that's small enough that it's more likely due to a subtle difference in positioning of the unit, or a change in ambient temperature, or something.

One note about it, though, is that I would NOT use a K&N drop-in filter with that intake. The reason being that I live in Seattle, and through winter the roads are wet about 5 days out of 7, and I can only imagine how much mist is going through my intake. The stock filter has been dealing with it just fine (front is dirty, back is clean), but I'd really worry about that much moisture going through a K&N. I have a feeling it'd tend to wash the oil out of it, leaving it in a condition where it wouldn't filter well at all. That, however, is all speculation. I haven't even actually inspected my stock filter after driving through mist to see how wet it is (or if it's even wet at all).