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anyone with a supercharged NSX in the Bay area?

12 August 2004
i am thinking of purchasing a supercharged 1991 nsx in New york,but ideally would like to take a ride in a supercharged one before flying all the way out there. I have driven and rode in stock 1991 nsxs, and would love to see if the supercharger makes that much of a difference to make it worth travelling all the way to New York for it. So if there is anyone in the Bay area who has one and is willing to give me a ride, I would greatly appreciate it. I live in san jose, but can travel to meet you anywhere in the bay area. Thanks alot in advance!
What brand of supercharger? The two most readily available are Comptech & Basch. It is quite important to know some history associated with the one you are considering i.e. who installed it & when. If a Basch, then what iteration of engine management is on there now & also may have been previously?
Do some research in the FI forum regarding history & potential issues.