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April 21st PIR Track Day

6 November 2006
Austin, TX
I'm signed up to go. Anyone else planning or want to go? TitaniumDave will be out there, it would be great to get some other NSX'rs too.
Arnon and myself are signed up for the 28th.
Proformance racing school at seattle international raceway
Is mission in spokane?
Anyone did Mission?? I need some input before sign up.
Mission is in BC Canada

everyone who had ever been at PR and PIR refused going back to mission. Also, had you noticed how far it was from the border... IMO, doesn't worth it. Everyone was commenting it like Bremerton, short track, slow corners with no run off (aka concrete walls), tough on cars' brake. (not enough cooling.)

Hopefully I'll see you guys soon.
I'll try Mission once next month just for fun! Mr. Fowler, I am still checking date for Spokane. See you on 28th, meet up at 'Full Throttle' 11:00a.m. I love to do Portland on 21st but no leave spot open at work.
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I talked with donna last night and she said to be there at 11:30, so you were right. Lets catch a 10:00 bite.