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  • Hi, Rick...i miss you guys! I am in Monterey, ca...last month visit at the italian car show, i thought about "how can I come live here 3-4 months in a year, w/expenses paid for?" Right after I came back 2 weeks...I found the way...we open the store in Cannery Row and its a success! Sorry, I will have to be here for another week. I will post some pictures soon.
    Hey Arnon, I will be running this weekend at PR trying to keep the car together and get through my observation race, if you are in town see you there!
    Thanks dude, I have good news for us tomorrow...also i got acura "build a racecar" video for your girl too.
    Hello Arnon, I had fun also, I always learn something in these exchanges too so it is not a one way street.
    July 27th is another day for open registeration for grassvalley. they don't have the date yet but if we go on that one we automatically become member. Palatov Motorsports event is for memebers only based on what i saw online. I will keep you posted and hope/pray that you can come too. :) by then Bill Bell's car should be up and running. I will tell Fowler to come too.
    I can't go either; thinking of going to the next Alfa day... not really care to go to those strict clubs anymore.

    the new track is at grassvalley, which is a waster away from Portland. I'm more inclined to be there than PIR. (but if we go, we need someone helping us transporting tires.)
    Hi arnon!

    Thanks for passing my silly t-shirt request for me. I never knew where Lynnwood was until I started paying attention to the Prime posts! See, who says the internet makes you stupid?!?!?!? Let me know the details of payment and everything... thanks again!
    Lynn of Norcal

    P.S. I didn't know about your car's production stats!!! This is way cool!!!
    a few guys (bill included) are going to Bremerton this sunday to another alfa's school would you like to come hang out give us some tips??
    Hello Arnon, that is alright was just worried you were OK. I understand the drill also (boss) my wife also has me getting to the same things, but I forgot the gutters will have to get on that today. Have fun in Colorado, cool place to go and what type of business does your wife have, saw the post about the xmas show, if her business has anything to do with that my wife will become a customer! I understand the WM thing hope you did not get hurt to bad! I sent you, Farrand and Charles the same update on the racing weekend and plan to repair the R/P soon as I have the parts on hand. I also have two spare gearboxes, one here and one at the shop in Oregon of my crew chiefs. I just finished talking to him about the shock dyno purchase or spend the money on a data acquistion system for the car. We decided if I got the dyno route we will need to put together another set of shocks to switch out between sessions more to come on that later. But yes when you get back we will get the race guys together and hash out a few ideas to help all of us, I leaning towards the shock dyno purchase as this will help all of us more. See you later and tell Bill hello.
    So sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks for the offer, sure i would love to learn from you. I just sold the old one today. I have been very busy w/things around the house. Getting ready for Fall and Winter is a long process for me. I had to split lots of wood, cleaning the gutter for the wife(my boss). :) Plus, I have been sucked into stocks market...you know what happen to WM don't you?

    You missed the drive on Sunday to XXX rootbeer in Issuquah. It was fun, we drove so fast on I-90...guys told me that at one point we drove 120 mph in the tunnel. This cold air makes the car run so nice.

    Bill came back from his trip to Arizona. He didn't enjoy it too much. He told me that he wouldn't do long trip again. I think after working at the post office for a few more months he will want to take a long trip again. As for me, we are going to Colorado next week for 12 days for Jojo's business. I have few days to get the mini van ready, I am getting new snow tires 'Blizzak' for this trip.

    This coming month I would like to get the guys together and come visit you at your place. We just need one day of good weather as this past sunday.

    Please keep in touch!
    Arnon haven't heard from you how is it going and how was Bill's trip? I have the bay cleared out and the floor expoy coated, will be getting ready to work on the R/P soon and the shocks over XMAS. I have my plans for the shock dyno also ready to go but I may end up buying one as the cost of parts and time may require I follow this route. Let me know if you want to rebuild your shocks or if you just want to learn on mine. Rick
    Hello Arnon, I haven't had a chance to get to you after running the Atlantic, we had a hell of a time I had no help as my crew chief was down for the count with a bad back for about two weeks. It was tough with to much to do and not enough time. We made it through till Sunday still trying to break in the new ring and pinion but I blasted it in the morning warm up and shredded the pinion gear from not getting the gearbox temperature up to snuff during the run! Ouch! Luckily I have another one in my spares package and the car is in my home shop ready to disassemble when I get the chance. School is kicking my butt right now and I have no time to work on the race car but I managed to get the garage cleaned out and two bays of the floors epoxy coated with one bay to go. I should finish cleaning up the race car bay this weekend after my final and prepare to remove the offending R&P including the differential to change out the R&P and switch to my Gleason torque sensing diffy. I vow to have the car ready for next season before the end of the year which is normal for me and be ready to race in May June time frame.
    I don't want to say anything at this point. Too much info from too many people. I just want to get my things done and move on at this point.
    Hey Arnon, what the heck happened at Zahntech? Did your car not need the LMA's? I just read the thread about this!
    Oh Arnon did you look at the infrared shots of my headers? There has realy been one great byproduct I no longer get kids with their hopped up cars running up next to me and trying to get me to race them and boy does this puppy growl when you are up 4.5K-8K range, but very quiet when below 4K.
    Did everyone sign up for NSXPO? Thursday the 14th is the last day of the cheaper rates. Also I'm looking for people to caravan down with. I'm planning leaving Thursday the 11th around noon or so. Anyone else coming?
    Hi, Rick...I got the book 'drive to win', still waiting for 'prepare to win'. I will try to make it to PIR that weekend, Bill is going to Arizona to see his son that week. Went to see Ferran today at Pacific...boy, he was fast in his NSX!
    Arnon have you received your Carrol Smith books yet? Tell Bill hello for me and I hope he has a chance to go to Portland during NSX expo. I will definitely have my race car there getting my observation race in to get my senior license back and there is a driver school the day before check out the ICSCC web site the driver school will be run by the Portland club Cascade Sports Car Club.
    Great way to get new businesses...if you show up, I think more NSXer will come out to meet you. I am taking half a day off that day! Sat July 19th...please come.
    I'm not too sure yet. I'll let you know as soon as I do. I have been on vacation this week so I'll have a lot of catch up to do at work which may include having to work on Saturday. Who all is going?
    Can you join us on Sat 19th?...I can meet at your work and drive down to Tacoma together....I haven't heard from Ken yet.
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