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Are you experiencing random post notification and PM ?

25 October 2001
Northern California
Had a few today where a private message showed up only when I signed on and not via e-mail notification. And a few posts on threads that I subscribe did not send notification. Started today for sure but may have been yesterday too.

Any others with the same issue?
Wow, all of a sudden received 10 notifications of posts on threads I subscribe going back 2 days, and more are pupping up ....... :confused:

Is it my ISP or others have the same iassue?
Me Too

Hrant - you are not the only one. :confused:

Lud said to clear my cache, which I did and that worked for about one week. :confused:

Now, no more e-mail notifications, despite me clearing my cache. :confused:

Other EarthLink users have no problems? :confused:
Andy - I believe you are mixing up advice. Clearing your cache has nothing to do with receiving notification e-mails from the system.

Hrant - If you received a big batch of them atll at once, your ISP's mail server was obviously either not accepting connections from this server for a period of time (or was unreachable) or your ISP had a bottleneck processing the e-mails it had received. Mail is flowing out of the server here just fine.