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Are you Trading In your NSX?

6 May 2005
Are you trading In your NSX?
Is the dealer offering lower than KBB trade in price?
If so let me know, I'll pay CASH for your NSX @ KBB blue book price.
If you are interested, I would sell you my 01 Silverstone for KBB trade in value of $58925 as stated online.

10K miles
Mint condition
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I am a wholesale auto dealer in Washington State. Generally we go by the NADA blue book. I think online the site is www.NADA.com (although they only give consumer based pricing online) Last I checked I believe my dealer NADA blue book showed my 92 NSX @ $23,250 Wholesale and $26,800 retail. Kelly blue book is pretty weird, some dealers use it around here because non luxury and non exotic car prices are actually higher then KBB. This lets them get more money when they go to finance their customer.