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As-new SOS Endura Lite Exhaust

16 August 2022
I installed this Endura Lite exhaust on my NSX last Fall (car was put back in service at the beginning of this year after major refresh). I paired it with Pride exhaust headers and HFC's. I found the whole set-up to sound awesome, especially for a quick backroad rip, but to be a bit aggressive for long hauls; at 4K and above it was too loud for my middle-aged ears. I doubt it was the exhaust alone, but the entire set-up, and frankly it was still mild compared to systems I heard at the Mideast meet-up. I recently replaced the Endura with a Circuit Werks exhaust, and it's just the sound I was after. It'd probably be too quiet for many, as it sounds pretty stock until above 5K. Anyway, this Endura is near-new, as it only has 1,800 miles and 6 months of use on it. $1,300 OBO picked up in Durham, NC.

TTT: this quickly got very buried after posting LOL!
I can ship it at your expense. No sound clips. TBH I've found them nearly useless for all the cars I have (and I've put an exhaust on 3 of them after scouring YouTube for sound clips). FWIW the Endura Lite is often billed as "adult," or pretty mild. I just think when paired with headers it's a little less quiet. Sounds great, just more than I wanted on a daily basis.
Bump. Price drop $1,200 OBO.
I don't think $700 off for basically brand-new is fair, thanks.