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Attachment side of headliner

21 June 2020
Since 2010 my car has been advertised with the following proviso; "only other issue with the interior is the head liner is starting to sag near the rear glass, it looks fine but if you want it perfect it needs to be replaced." I am the third owner since then and perhaps it's sagged just bit more. It's not really noticeable when driving, but I'm going to fix it. I hope that it's just a matter of replacing the three rear clips. I spent several hours trying to find a picture of the attachment side but all I could find were pics of the interior side. There is a small gap, less than an inch, in which I was able to put my mobius actioncam and a small flash light and this is what I saw.


I see that the plugs have pulled down a bit but what I'm trying to confirm is whether the metal clip holders are normal or have deformed? I've looked at the service manual headliner replacement page but the diagram is not clear. Can anyone verify if those clip holders look right?
Does anyone have a picture of the attachment side of a headliner?
[MENTION=34522]NSX_n00b[/MENTION] Perfect. Just the shot I was looking for. Thanks!
I think that it is the right decison. You can also try to use sime headliner adhesives that can provide a good insulation and and protection and it wil lnot cost you a lot of money. I used these two adhenses for my needs.
3M Super Trim Adhesive, 08090, 19 oz Nt Wt

or Permatex 80638 Super Weatherstrip Adhesive