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Austin/Buda area service help?

6 December 2002
Greenbrier, TN
My little sister just picked up a used Legend and I was just curious if any of you guys might recommend a good honest shop or person she might be able to take it to when/if needed. It's hard to do research for her from Nashville and I know how ppl here are so thanks in advance for the help.
Try these...

hmmm... Hope this helps:

Tybrid Performance
Tyrone Baker
1806 Hydro Drive
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 670-3655
Tybrid Performance

D & H Body Shop / Auto Repair
Lee Nguyan
100 Venture Blvd, Hutto, TX 78634
(512) 759-1650

I've had positive experiences w/ both of these shoppes. They are very reasonable & competent when it comes to foreign cars. There are two more Honda/Import shoppes closer to downtown, if need be I can fwd their contacts as well.
Hey thanks. I'll forward these to her. Go ahead and forward the others if you don't mind. Searches I did here had Tybrid under some kind of investigation. Hopefully that's all over with. Sounded misdirected from what I read. Thanks again.
Reasonable auto shoppes in towne

hmmm... Here are the other two shoppes that I'd give a personal recommendation on for any maint'/service (non-NSX):

Jet Cars: Foreign & Domestic / Used lot / Mechanical & Body Work
11205 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78753

NETWORK Auto body, Paint & Mechanical Shop
2035 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78722

If/when the need arises, just mention my last name at these two shoppes to make sure everying goes smooth right from the start.

*Tyrone/TYBRID are a-o.k. as far as I know (the 'sting' operation had nothing to w/ his business). He's perhaps the most competent mechanic that I know of in towne (a former NSX master-tech at the local Acura dealership).
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