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Austin NSX Tech

12 July 2015
Hey guys,

I'm a brand new owner of a 1991 Acura NSX (Formula Red/Black) that I just took delivery of on Friday. It really was a 25 year dream come true to finally own the car. I bought it in a private party sale from the previous owner in Florida. The previous owner before him purchased the car new and owned it for 23 years, the two of them combined putting just over 43,000 miles on the car in total.

The car is in overall excellent shape with the TB/WP service and a brand new clutch and flywheel having just been addressed this year by the previous owner, along with a long list of other items.

I'm very happy with the car but upon close inspection today there are a few mechanical items I'd like an experienced NSX tech to help me address locally here in Austin.

What are the best options here locally for service? I've seen Dave Chavez mentioned several times but is he still actively doing work?

Thanks for the help and I look forward to meeting some of the other NSX owners here in Austin.

Hi Marc.

Welcome to the NSX owner's club!

If you live close to either of the Acura dealers in Austin you should stop by and discuss your issues with them to determine if they can help you. Both have good reputations in dealing with local owners. If you just don't want to use a dealership, you might want to consider taking your car to HNA Automotive in San Antonio. Scott is an excellent person to work with. Very competent , very experienced with NSXs and very good reports from all of the NSX owners (including me) that have had their cars worked on by him. You can find info on HNA by doing a search or give them a call (210) 543-1565.

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Hi Norm,

Thanks for the tip. I'm excited to count myself among the lucky few who get to own and drive the NSX now!

I gave Moe at David McDavid a call yesterday and it's good to know they are capable of doing work on the car. I got in touch with David Chavez yesterday and he has the car now. I'll start with these local options but if that doesn't work out it's good to know there's another option with HNA in San Antonio.

Let us know how things go. I just moved to Austin as well, and looking for a long term mechanic. Ownership in Austin is not very active, as there doesn't seem to be many owners, so I am not surprised there are not more options when it comes to automotive servicing. I've heard some folks driving to Houston or Dallas for work done, as there are larger/more active NSX owner population there.