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Auto NSX's ??

Hi Oyagi. Do you remember the NSX sent to Australia that was revetted back together after being cut in two at the engine wall. That was funny.

I've seen a few RHD in Winnipeg. One Honda Beat. :biggrin: That was too funny, a toy car in rushhour traffic. The guy talked to me and the girls. He actually disconnected the airbag. He had about 4 inches of clearance between him and the wheel. The girls liked it.
Saw the usual 300ZX and of course there are 9 million RHD Supras for sale.
Only iffy JDM I saw was a RHD Toyota 4 Runner. It wasn't that bad but not good from what I could see in 10 seconds.
i still fail to see the point in saying that "jdm cars running around here are junk" i dont see how thats relevant to my thread, unless you're trying to imply im the type of young punk that would be buying a piece of crap car just to show boat, which isnt the case at all.

I think the fact that i explained that i may be getting a JDM car is being looked at more then i expected. I actually made this thread to find out about the AUTO's and just happened to put some background info on what i MIGHT be doing. Anyways like i said before id like to do more engine modifications then body mod's so an auto is out of the question JDM or not.
I wouldn't recommend an Auto if you're a performance enthusiast. If you want a cruiser that looks good maybe but autos are not worth it. I always think resale, even though you migth not see yourself selling it, you will some day. Autos are all over the auto trader and they sit and stagnate forever on showroom floors. One obvious benefit is that they are usually not modded and not beaten on.

BTW Please don't buy from Tiger Direct. If you need a source for a jdm car, I'd suggest Daryl at Tunerlab.jp or Adam at Feast Auto Export, both Cdn expats living in Japan and good no-nonsense guys.
I have an auto NSX T 95 I like it and picked it over a manual after driving it. It is very tight and manual like when you push it hard at high rpm.....and I do not care about a 20 hp difference. The car is wicked fast anyway - it is supercar with crazy good dynamics. It is fast enough - so I prefer the choice of shifting or not - depending on traffic and mood.

PM me is you want to chat more about he auto and what it is like.
A gentleman who goes by Ody on Prime sold his automatic 92 here in London for the money you're looking at. The more I think about your search, the more I'd be inclined to wait and find one here. it'll take time, but I think it's worth it.
wouldn't buy from that place. that's a junkyard.

oyagi--> is that car now in the GTA? i could have sworn that thing blew flames out at me last year north bound on the 427