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AutoX Help

20 May 2003
San Jose, CA

I recently discovered that by shifting into first gear and by taking a tighter slower turn and then powering out of the turn instead of lugging out in second, that it works a lot better at the AutoX. I have been practicing my heel-toe but was just wondering if anyone had any special techniques for shifting into first gear at speed.

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I can get my car to down shift at around 25 driving on the street, but when AutoXing I have no clue right now. I don't look at the speedo! Everything happens to fast for that. If someone rides with me this weekend I will get them to watch it if the course is tight enough. It's the big SCCA Event of the season here in Alabama this weekend with a mile long course.:biggrin:

What tires are you running when you AutoX? I'm still running S-03's which suck! I could be in 1st right now if I went with something sticker, but I want to get faster first before I change tires. My goal this year is to beat the Z06 with Hoosiers staying on street tires... :wink:
A turn that is slow enough to require first gear to exit likely has plenty of braking time associated with it, so while you're braking, double clutch and downshift to 1st. I can get it into 1st at 35/40 mph by double clutching.

But don't do it before you need to .... No sense in slamming it into first as 40 mph if you'll eventually be down to 20 mph ... wait until you're almost done braking.

Using first gear will also greatly help car control while exiting ... you'll be able to get power-on oversteer much more easily to complete the rotation leaving the corner.
yeah, can only be done by double clutching, if you do it right, it'll feel like the shifter just got sucked into 1st gear....very effortless!!!