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Awesome Highcroft Acura Shirts

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14 March 2005
So I was shopping this past weekend and went to the Spyder store. I saw this one shirt that really caught my eye. It was an official Acura and Highcroft polo-shirt made with that "keep you dry" material. (Why the heck did they not have this shirt at the American Le Mans???) Anywho...I bought one because its just awesome. While I was driving through Bear Mountain with some of the guys in the NE the next day, my friend called and said she was back at that shopping outlet. The store had told me that they were the last store in the country that still had these shirts, so in case the Prime guys DID want one, I got her to buy ALL the shirts that they had except for one since the guy that was in the store had it in his hand...LOL.

So here are the pictures of the shirt. I got a discount for buying the lot of them, so if you want one, let me know. $45 with shipping included. I'll ship anywhere in the continental USA. There are 9 Large and 7 Extra-Large shirts.

I usually buy medium in shirts but the large one fits perfect but a little loose as it is a casual shirt anyway. If you want one, shoot me a message. Thanks!

7 Larges and 3 XL's left.

There are 7 Large shirts left. Thanks!


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