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Baller Run - 8/11 afternoon

3 April 2004
East Bay
I know this is kinda last minute, but Drew (baller) from Menteca is coming out with his white NSX tomorrow afternoon and we probably gonna hang out @ Sidney's shop (Auto Mall Tinting) in Fremont. Afterward, we might swing to um...Hooters, and present our appreciation plaque for the June meet. And we can hit redwood road like last time as well. For ppl who missed out on the Napa drive, here's a chance to come hang out.

Date: 8-11-05
Time: 3:15pm
Place: Fantasia Coffee & Tea @ Milpitas (before heading to the shop)
oh man! if u were doing this say 2 hours later or later! i'd join! Gotta beat traffic from So. SF. :frown:
oh it's ok rey, we wait for you playa, he's coming out to check out my mods, and try to get some ideas. i'm sure he will love to see yours man. give me a buzz if you can make it, (408) 480-3886. anyone else like to come out as well?? got the boba/starbucks/nsx itch before the next meet?
spartan2-3 said:
That would have been a good meet/ drive but dont you guys ever work? :biggrin:
they dont work. i think they are "pimpin" i guess... he he :rolleyes:
just look @ the thread Title: "Baller Run" :biggrin: