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"Barn Find"- '93 Mustang SVT Cobra with 34 original miles- WWYD?

11 May 2017
Hello all,

I've actually been a member here for about 15 years but had to create another account to get back in- anyway, here's the question for the group:

I really don't know what to do here. Hopefully someone will chime in with some useful advice.

My father has rental properties (trying to sell them all off as he's getting older) and also flips houses with his crew from the church. There was a dilapidated property in a decent neighborhood owned by an eccentric man that the city calls "polite, but clearly insane". He was a higher up in the Air Force, involved in the B-2 Bomber project. Anyway the guy must have gone kinda nuts because he abandoned the property about 10 years ago and kept buying stuff on the internet and having it shipped to that house. He is a legitimate hoarder. When he was more sane and lived there, the neighbors called him "the bird man" as he kept exotic birds and had huge bird houses all over the place. Everything he bought was in multiples of 4. So 4 of this, 12 of that 16 of the other.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the house was 4-6 feet deep in new packages. At one point me and the guys realized we were standing on THE BACK of the couch and that was after digging down a couple of feet. The mail delivery man apparently had a key until he just couldn't get in anymore. No paths, nothing, just 4-6 feet of new stuff piled into the house. Brand new guns, very high end Hi FI tube equipment still in the original boxes, TONS of computer equipment (16 500GB Seagate HDDs) that must have cost a ton of money back in the day. In the kitchen were bins of different kinds of dirt. No idea about that. The guy either ate dirt or he had different kinds of dirt shipped in for the birds to digest their food. No idea.

Anyway we get into the garage and there is a Mustang in there with the plastic still on the leather seats and the window sticker still on there from 1992. In talking with a neighbor, we found that he custom ordered the SVT Cobra in Teal with gray leather in 1992 and drove it into the garage and never touched it. Just piled bags of landscaping dirt all around it. We had it flat bedded to the preacher's house where it sits in his garage. Ordered a custom cover for it and then did all the legal things like posting it in two newspapers, etc. The man actually called Dad about 9 months ago and said that he'd worked himself into a hole and could he buy the property back. Dad's a nice guy, but we've spent about 10k in just getting the crap out of there and fixing the roof which had leaked into the dining room. The man politely asked Dad "do you know how many miles are on that Mustang?" At the time Dad thought it was 34k because that's what one of the workers said as he was climbing all over that crap around it with a flashlight. Nope 34, original miles- never even titled.

What would you do with this car? I called the Mustang curator guy and he said to insure it for $100k immediately. Then I found a same year Cobra R in black listed for $99k in Chicago. Then I looked into the National Mustang Museum that's set to open this summer in Charlotte.

We want to sell it. What to do here? Again it's in perfect condition. Plastic still on the leather seats window sticker still on the window. The local mechanic looked at it and said it would need a new fuel tank, new fuel pump, and all new hoses.

Barrett Jackson said to get it running and then run it through their auction. But that's a big risk as we're in the SouthEast and shipping and auction fees and all of that.

Again, What would you do? It is pristine as pristine can get.

Thanks guys. Any info is appreciated.