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Barriers and conflicts in attending NSXPO2012

5 September 2007
Edmonton, AB, CANADA
Barriers and conflicts in attending NSXPO2012

We booked NSXPO2012 the day that it was announced for Colorado. We have very close friends in Denver and we new this was our chance to drive to an NSXPO. The US border is 8 hours away, so it needed to be close for us to drive down. (1420 miles)

Then, the date was announced and it conflicted with our 25th wedding aniversary. My wife was still excited to attend. So, we moved forward. (a good wife!)

Two weeks before our departure date, my employer offered me early retirement. It was shocking and we had this trip booked. I had to respond before we would be back home from NSXPO. I later learned that I could respond via an email or web page with my descision... So I had two weeks to look for a replacement job, as I am only 51 and there is a lot of work left in me.

We set out to Denver, with no Job offer, and we decided that retirement was not right for me at this time. Time to get on the road and have our aniversary on the road in CO somewhere.

Leaving Casper WY, I got a phone call for a telephone interview. So with my wife in the drivers seat, I attended a conference call and did the interview. The prospective employer asked for another interview.

As we drove through Loveland CO on our aniversary date, we stoped and had a small celibration. ( how fittings ) Later a great dinner with friends to celibrate more.

Second job interview was at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Sitting on the veranda looking out at the mountains in a Job Interview! All went good.

Today, back in Casper WY, I got an email that I got the job!. My retirement date is Nov. 30th, and I start the new job Dec. 3rd. (two day retirement. Sat and Sun!):smile:

What can be overcome to attend NSXPO2012? And it was worth it. Great People, new friends. My first real track experience. A time to trully remember for many reasons.

Owning this car and belonging to this "family" of NSX owners is great!

Can't wait for the next NSXPO!
Congratulations to you and your wife for your 25th wedding anniversary and the new job offer, Warren! That is simply awesome! See you at a future NSXPO!
I love these stories! Nsxpo really does solidify your enthusiasm for the event and the club.Every year we get first timers that get "hooked" and become one of the core nsxpo crazies:biggrin: that repeat year after year.:smile:
Great to hear and nice to see you and Shan. If I new that it was your anniversary, I would have bought you a drink as well:biggrin: Till Next time.
Congrats! Did your current employer give you a nice severence package to retire?
Gongrats on only two days of retirement. It would be nice not to have to work but getting a new job in two days. Not Bad. I had a wonderful time at Expo and can not wait for next year.
Awesome:). I remember you and I talking about this, but the final outcome had still not been concluded. Great News.