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BBS Magnesium rims

15 August 2008
You may have seen my ad in the wanted section, but does anyone know where I might find some of these wheels for sale?
I am really after a front, but am interested in complete sets. I believe they came on the ADAC NSX's, but are probably used on a variety of 5x114.3 race cars. Any help appreciated.


I don't know if these are made anymore. They are very expensive too. Are you aware that Neez also makes full magnesium wheels? They are light and strong but for the extra cost I am not sure they are worth it over forged aluminum.
FWIW- the person who I bought my NSX has a set of this, BUT, its the single-center lock type BBS Mag. wheels and he has a set of bolt-on GT2 hubs that goes with the wheels as well as an AP big brake set up.

mind you.....these are race parts from Real Time Racing and I don't plan to race my car so I did not purchase it.
Its a very trick set up if you want to go that route.

If you decide to go this way, you can email him at [email protected]

I am only really after one front wheel and Dali could only get them brand new from BBS which would be $$$. I have every facility available to ensure the mag wheel is crack free etc so a second hand one is ideal for me at this time.
I even have a spare rear 19" one for swap/trade.

Have you asked Detlif of procar specials fame,he seems to have contacts for racing parts.
So if these things get wet or spark will they go up in flames? :biggrin:
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