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BC Interior/Okanagan Annual Meet?

29 January 2001
Abbotsford, BC (Vancouver area) Canada
A few BC owners have been discussing the possibility if reviving the NSX West Meet. Anyone interested? What time of year works best for you? Who would be willing to organize, etc? Please add whatever you feel I have omitted :)
I'm in as per email. It would be nice to assemble a list of where owners are from that way the group of locals can help organize together. I'll start: I'm kevin from kelowna and my cell is 2508072269 and I'm happy to help organize. Other Okanagan ppl text me your name and cell and what town your coming from.
July when the weather is usually best up here. Neil can you text or pm me your number, mine is above. I am assembling a list. Same with 97 nsxt. Thx
I have a list of all BC owners.
Did you get a copy of the recent emails about a get -together?
Yes I got the email but don't have a list do you have this in a word doc you can email me? I just got a mass email, no names numbers or where they reside.