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Bendpak MD6XP scissor lift with Nsx.

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
Here are are few pics with the new lift.
Just wheeled her outside on saturday to change the rims.


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few more.


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Very cool Trev!

Skirts look like da shit! Closeups please!

Some of those shots without the wheels makes her look like a low flying jet fighter. :cool:
My car is not lowered, its stock suspension and those are stock 15/16's on there with normal tyre sizes.
If I could, I would raise it a bit and run on 70 series tyres, our roads are so so bad and Ken would like me to do that as well.......:eek:
I barely get on the lift. I drive up to it and then with the car off and in neutral, I go to the front fender and lift up and pull the car forward.
Going off the lift is ok, since the cars suspension had been off the ground, the car is a little taller when set back on earth.
The best would be to have some 2x8's to drive on to raise the car up just a bit.
I am not using the rubber blocks on the black arms.
That would cause me another 1.5" or so to have to have the car raised.
So, its not perfect, but good enough for me.
Special note: Do not use the lift outside when neighbors are around, they will want to wheel it off to their house to use it with their cars.
Its got a ratchet lock that clicks as it goes up.
Just so you know, I don't find this equipment from Bendpak anything special.
I would spend my money on any other brand if the price was right and the quality looked good. I'm not saying I didn't get my moneys worth, just that the build quality isn't 99.89%.
damn that looks convenient, but it would never work where i live. kids running around, friends leaning and chilling in the work area, even the slightest bit of wind would make me nervous.:eek:
Actually its stable as all hell, I would have no problem climbing into the car with it up. Just keep it in the garage and use it in there. Its going to be cool in Winter to clean the suspension and what not during the off season.


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in the garage


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I have the same lift over 7 years now. Had a custom diamond plate aluminum ramp made to drive over it. My car is lowered.

One thing not mention, it is impossible to move this lift if you only weigh 135 pounds. :tongue:

That is one cool lift, I will get one. Thanks for sharing guys :smile:

What is the best company in the US can I order one? Do they have a group buy discount?

that's really cool. How much does it cost?

That is one cool lift, I will get one. Thanks for sharing guys :smile:
What is the best company in the US can I order one? Do they have a group buy discount?

I can get these delivered to you guys for around $1650 :eek:
PM me for more details.
John :biggrin:
so i see a hose/wire coming out of it. What's the mechanism that pushes it up? Air pump? is that included in teh $1650 cost?
North of you buddy, we put chains on everything!!!! Pictures not included.

The unit is hydraulic and has a small electric pump and reservoir on a little two wheeler cart. This cart also is used to move the lift around. As you can see, I just hook on and drag the lift outside.
ANYTIME can do a nice price for you guys in the states.
Babco out of Vancouver is the or one of the major distributors up in Canada.
ANYTIMES price is good. ANYTIME is good!
I paid 1740.00 Canadian delivered. The price went up that next week.
I tried to get a group buy going with Babco.
There seemed to be no interest in the Canadian Section.
Here are some links.....
I have the same lift. Build quality was very poor IMO. Parts rub together when going up and down and Benpak says that this is acceptable. They are assembled by hand, so a lift built on Friday at 4:30 could have some issues. I had to send parts back (locking mechanism) as it would not lock. A lift with no lock is worthless. They said they make too many products to test each one. Gave me the vote of confidence I didn't need. They sent the parts UPS ground and I was w/o the lift for almost 2 weeks. Their support is good, but it sucked having a lift I couldn't use.

I'm sure it will last forever, but I wanted something better than Harbor Freight.

You will need to build ramps to get up and over this if you are lowered even an inch IMO.
TitaniumVtec, you are 100% correct on all points.
p.s. I had a staple in my oil reserve!!!! My locking mech is messed up as well. I just have a swig of beer and go under the car and hope for the best!:eek:
Ah Bryan, how much is the Snap-On lift? Do you have any issue with it?


Stock # EELR338AP
Name Lift, Mid-Rise (Electric)
Price** $4,995.00 :eek:
Brand Snap-on
Electric Motor (EELR338A) 120VAC, single phase
Maximum Capacity 6500 lb.