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Best Motoring Video Clips!

28 December 2001
Berwyn, PA
Thanks to S2KI.com:


Video Clips
Evo 9 at Nurb.

http://stream.jexoticar.com/jexoticar/dbes...ing_05_99-1.wmv - Stream!

Rx-8 Time Attack

WRC Subaru Tougue Attack with Petter Solberg

Touge Showdown 3 (Final battle from volume 7) - AE86 vs. Spirit MR-S

Drag du Integra Type R vs. S14 (Hattori so happy, from Best Motoring Volume 1)

CTR (EK9) vs. ITR (DC2) vs. Impreza WRX (GC8) vs. Evo 6 vs. FTO vs. Civic SIR
Part 1: http://orgs.jmu.edu/mmsports/video/civicr-11.avi
Part 2: http://orgs.jmu.edu/mmsports/video/civicr-12.avi
Part 3: http://orgs.jmu.edu/mmsports/video/civicr-13.avi
Part 4: http://orgs.jmu.edu/mmsports/video/civicr-14.avi
Part 5: http://orgs.jmu.edu/mmsports/video/civicr-15.avi
Part 6: http://orgs.jmu.edu/mmsports/video/civicr-16.avi

Drag: NSX-R, Skyline, 3000GT

http://nysd.co.uk/~blowdog/MCRvsREA.mpeg -MCR R34 vs. RE Amemiya TougeMax (NEW)

http://www.superhonda.com/video/togue200class.wmv - Touge 200 Class Round 2 (From Skyline GT-R the Prodigy)

http://www.socalevo.net/gallery/albums/alb...ge_2WDvs4WD.asx - Touge 2WD vs. 4WD

http://www.lad.lv/~martini/porsche/Videos/...orsche_GT3.mpeg - Porsche GT3 Drifting in a touge

http://www.superhonda.com/video/Togue%20Showdown%20280.wmv – Touge Showdown 280

ftp://ftp.sysadmin-racing.com/videos/Anyt...ng_911Turbo.avi - Porsche 911 Turbo

ftp://ftp.sysadmin-racing.com/videos/Anyt...g_DragRaces.avi - Drags Porsche 911 Turbo vs. GTR, NSX Type S-Zero vs. Ferrari 360 Modena, Porsche 911 Turbo Vs. Ferrari 360 Modena(From Volume 3)

ftp://ftp.sysadmin-racing.com/videos/Anyt...n_Tsukuba95.avi - Battle in Tsukuba 95

ftp://ftp.sysadmin-racing.com/videos/Anyt...911T_Modena.avi - Ferrari 360 Modena

R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec vs Honda NSX Type-S

Ferrari F355 vs Honda NSX Type S-Zero

BMW M3 Euro Spec vs Honda NSX Type-S

Honda NSX Type-R vs Honda NSX Type-S

Porsche 911 vs Honda NSX Type S-Zero

A battle at Tsukuba with an NSX, RX-7, MR2, R33 GTR Skyline, Porsche 911, NSX-T and a Supra. 53mb.


Battle with 350z, Porsche Boxster S, BMW M3 and S2000 + R34 GTR camera car. 49mb.


Battle with RX-7, R34 GTR, NSX and Evos. 95mb


Battle with 911 Turbo, Corvette, Evo 7, NSX, 360 Modena and R34 GTR. 68mb.


BMW M3 E46 vs BMW M3 E36 vs Honda S2000 vs Mazda RX-7 Type RZ vs 2 AE86s.

http://www.superhonda.com/video/amuse_supr...nes_skyline.wmv - Amuse Supra and Mines Skyline test.

http://www.norcalevo.net/video/motegibattle.wmv- Posted by MazMazMaz1

Gallardo, Murcielago, 360 Modena, NSX-R, M3 CSL and the 911 Turbo

http://www.temple.net/Best.Motoring.Impreza.versus.Evo.avi - This is a DVD Rip, that I had nothing to do with. Its 350mb, its the volume 5. Evo vs Impreza final battle!

http://www.runeb.org/www_docs/Jexoticasite...jexmain_all.htm- Alot of great videos some BM and other variaty.

http://www.cpdserver.com/chasecam/video/misc/miata.mpg- miata race

http://www.gofastvideo.com/gallery/album/view/1 send in by XPLOSV

TVR's vs NSX-R
http://www.sleepy-fish.com/images/videos/TVRs/tvrone_1.avi - Send in by Bocha
http://www.sleepy-fish.com/images/videos/TVRs/tvrone_2.avi - Send in by Bocha

And here is a Hot Version vid, full of tuned NSX (I think the purple it's property of Keiichi). Cool cars, cool battle. Check out the flames of the K&N NSX!!! --You need Real Player--

http://www.nsxprime.com/Gallery/multimedia/hotversion.rm- Send in by Bocha

http://homepage.mac.com/eriktoh/.cv/erikto...ti.WMV-link.WMV - Evo VIII’s vs STi

Super Car Battle... -its a Supercar Battle.. Including Ferrari F50, Lambo Murcielago, Gembelle Porsche, GT3 NSX-R and more...

R34 VS GT3 VS 1993 NSX-R VS NSX Type S VS NSX Type S ZERO Vs 2002 NSX-R

R34 VS GT3 VS 1993 NSX-R VS NSX Type S VS NSX Type S ZERO Vs 2002 NSX-R -
Feel free to add any video to this thread
WOW!!! thanks!!! :biggrin: