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[1st Gen] {BEST} NSX Subwoofer option utilizing rear center bulkhead to house single JL 6W3 sub

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15 October 2003
West coast!
We have been doing stereo systems in the NSX for quite a few years. Starting with our dash panel designs and innovations we have now decided to address one area that always seems to be the achilles heel for the NSX - the subwoofer option.

In the past you pretty much have to give up huge amounts of leg room to make it work. The footwell option has many disadvantages but up to this point there was really no other option.


Step into 2017 and we decided to tackle this project head on! Not sure if you guys have removed the rear center bulkhead piece but we were surprised when we removed it to see there isn't much space back there. What looks like a small enclosure is actually a cover for some electronics and other parts that are mounted to the rear bulkhead.

Our goal for this project is to build a totally self-contained subwoofer box that does not require any cutting or modifications to your car. We wanted a turn-key box that can simply be swapped in place of your stock panel. To do this means we need to make both the front and back halves of the box but work around the stock electronics and wiring. Since there isn't much space to begin with we tried to maximize the cubic space but using fiberglass to build the box for maximum efficiency, space and strength.

Sure we could have re-located OEM wiring to create more space but the idea here is the average NSX owner does not want to modify their car to install a sub box so we worked around the factory parts.

The box is configured specifically for a JL Audio 6W3 woofer so that cannot be changed but the owner can chose the final finish of the box in various materials:

a) Rich Leather

b) Alcantara

c) Carbon Fiber

Each box will be built to order so if you want one please PM us. This is a very labor intensive job and we will only build them for orders that have been paid for so don't expect to see this as a walk-in product.

Questions please ask first via email or PM!

Follow us on Instagram and check out our website for our full line of NSX products:


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here's a picture of the back firewall with all the panels removed:

Our goal is to have this woofer fire upwards at an angle to get the best sound possible. We did not want to modify the seats so the woofer had to fit between the seats. We decided to use a JL Audio 6W3 woofer for their legendary performance in a very small space:

For the woofer we strengthened the area where it's mounted with MDF and built a support brace all around it (this is only the prelim photo as the plan was to recess mount the final woofer for a clean look)

here you can see the back of the box taking shape - as you can tell it's most definitely NOT flat and has to be shaped around protruding parts:

Box taking shape:

Each box is hand-made so this one is getting final sanding to smooth out all surfaces to prep for either paint, leather, Alcantara or carbon fiber finishes:

For this specific customer we went with black leather and black stitching:

Some finished product installs, click on this link below to see a short video clip - check out the woofer excursion and if you are ever visiting the SF bay area, give us a call and we can schedule an appt for you to hear this actual woofer in our demo NSX! :) Just be warned once you hear this you will want to buy one too :big grin:

Facebook video:

How much? ��

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Pricing varies based on the finish and other parameters. PM us and we can discuss.

We have roughly 20-25 hours into each subwoofer enclosure built by hand from scratch.

Why not post a price so EVERYBODY knows how much you are selling it for?

thanks for suggestions - right now we are trying to figure out exact labor hours needed to make one as this is relatively new product. But it's taking us close to 25-30 hours right now depending on options and finish materials. Our hourly rate is $85/hr. None of this has been finalized so this is all just food for thought.

If you want one - give us a call and we'd be happy to review pricing with you and what options you can do in terms of woofers, etc.

Visit our NSX collection here (the box will be listed here with pricing once we have it all sorted out:



P.S. Just FYI but in the photo below, the leather seats are also our product as we offer a full NSX leather seat replacement. This particular car owner opted for rich black leather with Red Contrast stitching!

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Thanks for your support as we would not be here without you guys!

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EB staff

PM's replied! As we prepare for NSXPO coming up again this year, please be sure to stop by and check out demo cars in person! We will have the JL custom subwoofer enclosure in the car so you can listen/feel/touch in person!

here's a great photo showing the angle of the Double DIN screen when you use one of our recessed designs to reduce glare:

We will also have custom CF steering wheels and many other parts on hand for you to touch and feel at the event so please stop by to say hi in September!

PM's replied!

We have shipped all pending orders and now getting caught up with new requests. We welcome any custom work as needed and be happy to do custom smoked lenses or other options!

Check our Instagram [MENTION=8868]EuroBoutique[/MENTION]


UPDATE: 8/2/17

***There has been quite a demand on these and we will build these as fast as we can. We plan to bring one of these finished boxes to NSXPO 2017 at Elkhart, WI so please stop by and check it out in person if you can!***

In meantime please follow us on Instagram for latest updates [MENTION=8868]EuroBoutique[/MENTION]

here's our NSX collection website:


In the past, the passenger footrest sub box was really the only option for more bass:

This is a direct replacement for the stock rear bulkhead, so you simply remove this piece, then bolt in the aftermarket piece we built:

Finished box ready for final prep work and upholstery **We can also offer this in a full carbon fiber finish as well similar to our steering wheels and dash panels:

Full black leather box, red contrast stitching and woofer ready for final assembly:

Ready for installation back in car:

Carbon fiber is an option to match our dash panels, steering wheels and other interior trim pieces we make:
We've had a few requests for custom versions of this box and we'd be happy to assist.

If you want one with a speaker grill for example to hide the speaker or different finish in materials let us know. These are all hand crafted boxes made to order and a direct swap from the stock rear bulkhead.

Questions feel free to PM us!

Wanted to clarify a few things since there was some confusion.

The subwoofer box is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for your stock rear bulkhead piece. This means you remove your stock piece, put it away safely for storage and replace it with our subwoofer box setup. You do not need to cut up or sacrifice your stock piece. There is quite a bit of stock electronics behind the bulkhead and our box is designed to work around all of those items so you do not need to remove or relocate any components. This was very tricky to build as the space behind the bulkhead is not empty.

Questions feel free to PM us or if you are local, welcome to swing by and give the subwoofer box an audition, bring your own music!



P.S. for those with the 2017 NSX - we have another subwoofer box in the works for your car as well!

*****Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017 Deals*****

PM us with your special build request or custom order!

All of our steering wheels are now 10% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING :) Not going to find a better deal so if you have been waiting for the right deal, here it is, we have many Carbon wheels in stock or we'd be happy to build any custom spec.

Samples can be found in our NSX collection here:


Happy Holidays from all of us at EuroBoutique!

Every time you bump this thread I try not to post, but dayum, that thing is really ugly.

No problem - we all have our different tastes in what looks good or bad. This is just one option out there and if you don't like this we have many other choices too :)

thanks for input!

We currently do have one in stock ready to ship!


Happy holidays!
thanks for all the inquiries ~ if you have a specific size subwoofer or custom application please shoot us an email!

Most of our products are bespoke and hand made to order so we have the ability to customize each solution to your needs. Special color request is available as well so any questions shoot us a PM.


PM's replied!

We have gotten caught up orders and now back on schedule. We have one sub-box in stock and ready to ship.

Let us know what is needed to help make your NSX sound better!



Summer car show season is sneaking up on us really FAST!

We would love to help customize your ride so please plan ahead and give us ample lead time to complete your projects. We build parts one at a time by hand so there is no rushing the process!

Let us know what you would like to get done and we can get started. Currently we have a few NSX open allocations for builds so PM us your exact specs

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