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Best sounding production car

2 R8 GT
3 458
4 Enzo
5 355

I seem to like that V10, haven't heard an LFA
Me too. I mean a UPS truck has a deep burble.... :D

Loved that sound. They used a whole host of drivetrains over the years with the Cummins Diesel sounding the best. Also had Mercedes, Dodge diesels as well as International and Chevy 350 engines, etc. Hey, an old 48hp Divco milk truck had a great sound and so does the "whine" of a Peterbilt with a Cat spooling up but they are not production "cars." :smile:
Generally agree with the suggestions here. CGT, LFA, 458, E60 M5 for a sedan (I have an E39, does sound good but needs some exhaust work to really sound amazing esp. inside the car). Pretty much any Lambo or Ferrari sounds amazing stock.

This one just entered my top 10, Ferrari F12:

Stock only.....
4-cyl: Integra Type R (DC2)

5-cyl: Audi TT-RS

6-cyl: NSX-R, 997 GT3, E46 M3 CSL

8-cyl: 458, F430, F355, know I'm forgetting some. C6 Z06 and Maserati Gran Sport sound great stock. AMG V8s are nice, but IMO not the very best, more just "badass."

10-cyl: E60 M5, CGT, Gallardo/R8... basically everything except the Viper lol

12-cyl: Ferrari F12, F50, just about any Lambo
BMW 850CSi with an exhaust is a very nice sound. F355 is nice, too.

Favorite sound stock though is definitely the Pantera.
Ohh i really like 850I's always liked V12 BMW's E38 & E31 are the best.
My father head a 850CSI when I was a young way back in the ninety's