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Best source for 17" LCD Monitors?

26 June 2004
I am in the market to purchase an lcd monitor, a 17" at that. Besides tigerdirect.com and newegg.com , does anyone know and other source?
Before pulling the trigger, take a look at 19" LCDs. Bigger is better, and the prices for these have come down recently.

This is what I'm saving my pennies for:


24" Widescreen, bay-bee!
Dell Home has 20-25% off many 17"+ models right now with free shipping (ending Wednesday). If you need DVI, make sure you get it. Many cheap monitors are analog only.

You might want to watch sites like techbargains.com for coupons codes and specials.
I'd take NewEgg over all other resellers (except for MWave; they're both good in my book). But I'd agree with Ojas, for LCD panels, everyone I've talked with has gotten Dell LCDs instead of other branded LCDs - the prices are good, the bezels are slim, and the specs are right near the top.

I'm typing this on a couple of 2001FPs; I saw these for $397 a few weeks back; not bad for a 20.1" LCD.