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BIG Problem with member RMFOR2

24 November 2005
Linue, Kauai, Hawaii
Around 2 months ago, I sold member RMFOR2 a few carbon DF parts. He was around $130 short on the money needed to buy them all, but said he'd have it in a week.

I figured I could trust the guy and mailed him all of the stuff he wanted and figured he would pay me the rest later. It even took me a while longer than I expected to get the parts out, so I just told him to pay me $110 when he had the money in a week just to be nice...he didn't ask for the discount.

Well it has now been around 2 months since I mailed him the parts, and still no $110. I have PMed him multiple times with zero replies, and tried to e-mail him, but it says he does not accept e-mails wow.

His profile says he's a cop? Is this even true?

Anyways, he lives in Pheonix, so if anyone out there knows him or a phone number to reach him at, please let me know. $110 isn't a ton of money, but it's the fact that he lied to me and broke my trust that pisses me off so I just want my money now.

Thanks NSXers!