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4 July 2002
Great selection of NSX - parts. New and used parts. Engines, frame-parts, acura + honda parts, exhaust pipe, 1* Remus–exhaust(used "good conditions" 400,- Euro), 6*5-speed transmission, 2* racing 5-speed transmission, glasses,leather - seats, 2* black interieur,trunk hood (3*brandnew), doors,fenders(new),bumpers(new),front hood(new) and many many more. Driveshafts, engines-parts, suspension parts in big selection,too.Prices: 50% minimum under Honda German List prices. If you need parts, please give us detailed informations from the attached Link. We can ship all measures to all major airport´s in the world
http://www.acuraautomotiveparts.n et/acura/jsp/mws/catdisplay.jsp?inputstate=3&catcgry1=NSX&catcgry2=1991&catcgry3=2DR+NSX&catcgry4=&catcgry5=

The best way is, copy us the link from the component and mail us. System Name and Illustration No.
Model(AT, MT 5 or 6 Speed, and production year are also need. For Interior parts please tell us the color.


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Hi Magdalena,

we are located in the area of cologne/Germany. So all shipment comes from there.

Best Regards


Hi Dirk,
I think it's possible to retrofit the bigger 11.7" 1997+ disks on the older NSX if you have both the rotors and the caliper-brackets. Do you have these in stock and if so, for what price? I would also need a '97+ emergency wheel because the old one would not fit over the larger rotors.
Hello---your link no longer works....are u still selling parts from europe? If so, I need the ABS reservoir that fits on the modulator for the years 1993 to 99 I believe...the part # is 57191-SL0-A01.... I understand that in Europe one can buy the reservoir separately from the modulator...can't do that in the US....my 93 nsx had an aftermarket hood on it that allowed the sun to hit the reservoir....it got eaten lol