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Black NSX in hwy 7 + 404 area?

14 August 2003
Toronto, Canada
I've seen a black NSX a few times in this area, and just saw it again coming north off of hwy 404 onto hwy 7 at 1:45pm today. I was going along 7, and at the next stoplight it was two cars behind me and in the other lane, but I had to turn off unfortunately. It had a custom plate, and the last 3 letters were "BTN" I think. Anyone on here? Do you live/work in the area?

I've also seen a black NSX going eastbound on 407 by 404 around 5:30-6pm a couple of times too. Not sure if it's the same car or not.

Were the windows tinted. I saw a black with tinted windows yesterday on 407 east at Weston around 2:20pm. Could be the same car.
yea lets get together again

I wanna check out your new mod

i saw the same one on the 401 going west by Keneddy..

i would also be up for another meet!!!