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black on black (not work safe)

5 May 2004
Morgan City, LA
Got my wife a new outfit and was rewarded. Thought I'd share the wealth.
If you look close, there IS a NSX in the pic... somewhere!



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Your wife is truly beautiful. But for goodness sakes, man, buy a detail brush. :tongue:
She reminds me of a young Morgan Fairchild - especially the picture in the top right.
Some people hate comparisons but hopefully that's not a bad one to be compared to!
That is the best looking seat covers ever posted on NSXPrime!!!!
I hope you got lucky.!!!...It looks like one of those 30 second outfits,that's what my wife calls them, because that's how long it takes me to get them off!!! Looks like you have two of the finer things in life, enjoy them both to the max!!!!! :wink:
You must have been very, very good in your previous life to have her & an NSX!
Very pretty and a classy looking lady as well.

IMO, the first picture is the hands-down winner just for the smile.
First off - you are a lucky man. :smile:
Second - I see panty in the 2nd pic. :eek:
Third - Nice combo to come home to after a long day. :biggrin:
What a lucky guy! :biggrin:
nicholas421 said:
I think we should have a "Wife Photo Gallery" section to promote more of these threads!
Who's with me?

Go ahead, you first. Post away. :smile:

your wife is quite attractive, i hope she knows your posting these up though,
haha i can see the forum heading now 'my wife totalled my nsx over photos...'
j/k :biggrin:
thanks guys for all your positive comments...
here are a few more.


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