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Blogspot question, help please...

23 September 2005
So I have a blog with pretty much just my kid on it. I want to start a new one with family stuff. I own the URL www.azjacobs.com. I am trying to do azjacobs.blogspot.com, but they are saying it is already taken.

I went to azjacobs.blogspot.com, and it has www.azjacobs.com as the header and underneath it says testing. there are no active links on it and you can't post anything... it's pretty much dead.

so what can i do about it? any thoughts/ suggestions?
if you're saying you didn't create the blog / don't own it, seems a small chance you can get it returned to you w/out locating the actual owner of the blog and making arrangements for xfer. my quick-fix approach would be to make it xxxxxfamily.blogspot.com and either embed in your own web site or link to it.