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Bloody Ants

14 February 2012
Melbourne, Aus
Ok, I think ants are the same the world over..........................even though my concern is in Australia.

Yesterday, I noticed this one ant on the bonnet of my baby, it got away in a gap before I could get rid of it.

Now tonight during my daily admiration session, I noticed a total of four ants around the bonnet area...........holy crap.

I'm trying to think of measures to get rid of these ants and in my mind I'm thinking these buggers may already have built up a large colony in the rubbers. One my other cars is a Forester and I remember seeing so many ants in the rubber seals when the windscreen was replaced a couple of years ago.

All I can think of right now is putting Glad Wrap on a section of the bonnet to protect the paint and putting this stuff called Ant Rid on it...................
Yes, the term 'ants' is the same here......but I'll admit I've never heard of them colonizing a car before.

oh yes they will, I cant figure out how they are getting in.

had a pack of cookies i started to eat on my way to work, they were very good cookies LOL I saved the last one for afterwork, left it on my passengerside seat, when I came back about 6 hours later there were like 2500 ants everywhere on the cookie, I didnt notice them till I went to get my cookie off the seat.

slammed on brakes got out of the car and ran to passengerside to swat them out, since that happened I still see a few ants from time to time but never will i leave a full cookie out for them to target.

I can only assume if your A/C was set on the outside air setting they could get in.

or small holes in some rubber gasket leading out of the cabin.

its weird.
Try some of the gels that contain Fipronil or the product I've listed below. These attract the ants, so place a small amount in a suitable container or piece of foil and leave for several days. If you cannot find this product specifically, try to find one with the same active ingredient relabeled for Australia.


Also, an FYI Fire ants are extremely attracted to electrical systems like outside a/c units, electrical boxes and even car electrical components. Just another reason to get rid of them in the yard, etc. :smile:
I get them in my mail box from time to time. I just leave the lid open for a bit. They don't like the light and move on.