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Body and Paint Shop Recommendation

27 August 2013
Need to ask the NSX community for a little help. I had someone scrape my car in a parking lot. The damage is relatively minor, tire mark, scratches, and a slight dent but no real frame/body damage. While I need to get this fixed, I think this is as good a time as any to get the entire paint job touched up as there are a few other scratches and marks on the car. I'm pretty sure insurance will cover, but they would probably direct me to the cheapest and nearest option rather than the best. The car is a 91 Sebring Silver.

Does anyone have a good paint shop recommendation in Hampton Roads Virginia, or if not the DC area?

While I would agree with mark&sue, it is a bit of a trip for you. I don't think you would need to go that far unless your damage was severe. Ask around your local car enthusiasts for recommendations, they are sure to suggest some. If you are stock, then any body shop would be as good as Vince's. Don't go off google/yelp reviews. I got screwed over by a 5 star yelp business early this year because I didn't listen to my own intuition.

Head over to the closest enthusiast auto show (if there are any at this time of year) and ask around.