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body shop recomendation in Austin

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
Got rear ended on the way home today. Not much damage but definately new tail lights and bumper. Seems a little bit of the aluminum in the trunk might be bent too. But other wise seems like no body damage. Any recommendations on where I can bring it. Willing to travel to SA or Houston if need be but would prefer to stay in Austin.

Thinking of upgrading to the 2002 tail lights, and maybe while they are doing the bumper the 2002 rear valance.
Sorry :frown:

Sunrise Paint and Body does good work. Ask me how I know... :rolleyes:

Talk with Mike 281-933-7473. Tell him you expect the same quality of work he did on the silver 91.

EDIT: Sorry Norm for some reason I though you were in the Houston area...maybe Ojas will post. Forget about the above suggestion then.
I think Ed's Body shop on Duke Street in Austin did a pretty good job on my car. They had to repair the rear end, install new tailights, straighten out a lot of bent aluminum in the trunk, exhaust, etc. Here's my car after they finished.


If you go there, I have to warn you that they look and talk like farmers repairing tractors and the shop looks the same way, but Ed is competent, and very inexpensive. About 20% of what the Austin Acura dealer wanted to charge.

One other caveat, after Ed finished my car he said "never again!"
hmmm... This one was recommended by Burbel to me awhile back for some cosmetic work as well other things. They are proficient in working w/ aluminum.

Custom Car Crafters $$$$!

[email protected]
North: 6819 McNeil Rd.
Austin, Texas 78729
(512) 331-9398

Of-course there is David McDavid Acura Collision Center, also in the north. They have worked on numerous NSX'es over the years. $$$$$!

I am currently getting some minor work done (radiator/evaporator, cosmetics) at a shop in Hutto, I can get the contact info. for you (I'm away from Austin). They handle alot of imports & the main guy Lee is very accommodating.
Actually, i am looking at both the dealer (mcdavid) or custom car crafters. Since their insurance company has taken full liability the price really isn't the issue. Just looking for the best work in the most timely fashion.
Sorry to hear about this. :(

But I have to agree with what I said earlier. ;) CustomCarCrafters does good work, and McDavid did a good job on the rear-end work for my car; the tech (Jerry IIRC) there did a pretty solid job (not much I found when I came in for the first inspection, and I had the entire car repainted while it was in there).

I've had people go to CCC and be very happy. Good luck with whatever you do, and please post a follow-up of your experiences so we can see who seems happy with the local (Austin) bodyshops. As with all body shops, there will be a few things missed in the first shot; just make a note of everything and they'll clean them up before you pickup the car.

Make sure, though, before you drop the car off, that the person that works with aluminum-framed cars is available. I know that CCC had their aluminum guy sent to Iraq back in 2003 (when my car went in); that's why I went with McDavid.
Finally got the car back from McDavid. For the most part I was happy with them, the only issue was they ordered the wrong parts, 96 instead of 2002 so the completion date was pushed back a week as they order the correct parts and waited for shipping.

Think it came out great and overall happy with the work.


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Very nice

I’m glad you’re happy with the work. It looks great!

But, you know you can add around 5 HP by removing that Aggie sticker. ;)