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Bon Voyage Carla and Don

15 January 2003
Rye Brook, NY, USA
Headed to Alaska tomorrow, have a great trip. We expect RSO type of photos being posted from your "air card", have a wonderful time and don't disappoint us!:wink:
Have fun and don't let any of the ships tap water touch your insides!
Really? They don't a filter de water?

You can't filter viruses and some bacteria:frown: Just be vigilant in your germaphobia,and don't eat yellow glacier ice:wink:
Well if the rental agency provided a card reader, you folks might be seeing an amazing photo of Mt McKinley. The weather was amazing yesterday. In the 70's and clear as a bell. The mountain only shows itself about 20% of the time and we were fortunate to see it yesterday in its amazing glory.

Saw a moose and her baby yesterday on the train ride up, but it is only a blur on film. Might of captured her, if I had it on sport mode. Oh well.

Misty today so the mountain is hiding and not much to do up here. Headed back on the train tonight to Anchorage and then off to the ship. Will see if I can pick up a card reader in town tonight.

You borrow $10,000 worth of my camera equipment and forget to ask me for a $30 card reader?!?!?!?!?

You can't tease us with stories of great photo ops and not show us the photos. Don't make me come up there and take back my gear......
Have fun on your trip. My father was stationed in Alaska during the Korean War, part of a defense against an invasion across the Beriing Straight. He was shipped up from Seattle on a troop transport ship, and spent most of the journey seasick with the rest of the GIs, as the boats didn't have all the modern stabilizers, etc that they do now. He vowed never to go on a ship again. It took my mom almost thirty years to convince him to go on a cruise vacation and, when he finally agreed, he loved it. I know he always wanted to go back to Alaska. I don't know how he did it, but he sent my mom a gift of a real Alaskan Malamute (?) puppy while he was stationed up there. The dog rode back to the States between the pilot and co-pilot on a military transport plane and made it's way all the way to Connecticut.