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Brake Calipers

19 February 2002
Portland, Oregon USA
Hey guys. I am replacing rotors and pads on my nsx soon and want to clean up calipers as well. I can not decide on what color to paint them red, silver or just black. I would love to see some photos of the colors you have done on your nsx. Especially red and silver. FYI my car is black. I love the look of red, but having a hard time picturing it on the car itself. Thanks.
Red is a great contrast to any color IMO.
I went red on yellow (looks great ) amazing how many notice it and compliment on them or point them out..
RED and BLACK would look great!!!
Good luck

I agree with NSXTASY on this. I painted the calipers (on my black '91) gloss black and they visually "disappeared" showcasing the wheel better. I have seen silver on a white car with silver wheels and it looked really sharp. Red on a red car maybe...
I painted my calipers black using the Folia Tek paint kit. Outlined the "NSX" and fins with silver ChromaOne paint (goes on thin and dries rock hard unlike touchup paint).

It holds up very well. I've done over a dozen track events with the painted brake calipers and it's holding up perfectly. No issues.

Hey Vytas, those wheels are way too clean for someone that track events, what you cover them with plastic as when they are shopped new, or you wax them or what ...... LOL!

Redeye, you can do it yourself or take it to a body shop. The trick is to make sure the surface is "REALLY CLEAN" and prepped properly AND you follow the instructions of the Foliatec ....... I suspect many who have complained that it bleeds have not followed proper prepping procedures. I had my done black at a local shop, and it has lasted sevveral track events and looks great, I do get compliments .... if you go with any light colors such as yellow, expect to see brake dust on it as soon as you drive your car ......
Redeye, if you do not mind doing without them for a few days (~7) then you might look into HP Coatings, as they do all sorts of special coatings and polishing. I am going to get them to do my LS400 calipers this week, and my NSX whenever I can put up with the down time for that long. Private me for their email. Actually I think I posted the link back last year on the tech board here. Well, I have searched everywhere and I cannot find it. The original poster must have deleted the entire post.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
***Hey Vytas, those wheels are way too clean for someone that track events, what you cover them with plastic as when they are shopped new, or you wax them or what ...... LOL!***

Actually, waxing your wheels is a great way to keep them clean. Having mine covered in Zaino is a necessity as it makes washing off the dust a breeze. It's a necessity when you have white wheels like I do. They get dirty very quickly and being able to just brush the dust off is helpful.

I actually wanted to paint my calipers white to match the car and wheels, but decided against it. They would be dirty before I turned the corner.
If you want to see them silver (were dony by the previous owner at a body shop) go to http://photos.yahoo.com/gheba_nsx and follow the path to "Photo Albums > 20.4.2002 -)... > Dcp00595".

These photos were taken when I got the car in April, now I have OEM 94 wheels, lowered the car 1,5" and silver matched roof and front lip. But the calipers are still silver and they do not get dirty...