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Brake lights stuck on?

30 January 2005
Sarasota, FL
I've got a pair of fresh problems, but I can't see how they might be related.

Drove home from work yesterday afternoon and pulled into the garage. When I went to open the door, the handle popped and nothing happened. I had just had the cable that connects to the inside handle fixed earlier this year and I thought it must have broken again but that's not it. It looks like this time the door pull itself is b0rked.

So, I rolled down the window and opened the door from the outside. Got out, locked the car, and went inside figuring I would take it to my mechanic on Monday.

This morning I went out to run an errand and my remote wouldn't unlock the door. Turns out the battery is completely dead, so I hook up the charger and leave it for a few hours. When I went out a while ago to check, I saw the brake lights were now on and won't go off no matter what I do.

Now I've disconnected the battery so it can charge without also running the brake lights and I wondering what the hell is going on. I can't think of any way the two problems are related. Has anyone ever heard of the brake lights sticking on?
Check your floormat for the broken "button" that clips into the brake pedal and operates the stoplight switch.
You need a new one. I think they are just a couple bucks.