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Brake pads :(

2 March 2006
Ok so I drove my buddys nsx with cobalt friction GTS pads (version 1). Fell in love with the braking performance. Made my project mu bforce pads look terrible. Problem is cobalt doesn't make gts pads anymore. The comparable carbotech pads and ferodo (ds2500) are also no longer made. I want an agressive pad with characteristics similar to the original cobalt friction gts formula.. the project mu bforce pads just don't cut it for my expectations. Can anyone help?
Pagid yellow, they dust a lot but best pads i have ever used for road and track
For what type of driving are you talking about,and what are your goals for the oem system?
Project Mu Bforce is not an aggressive brake pad. It is a street pad. The equivalent product for the Cobalt GT pad you reference is the Project Mu Type HC+. Or, if you really want a real pad, you could try the Level Max900i, but it will chew your rotors to shreds, squeak, dust like crazy and not work very well below 100C because it is intended for road circuit driving.
@ doc, im looking for literally the exact performance I felt in my buddys nsx with braided lines and slotted discs. no road racing for me, but i like an agressive feel like the cobalt gts pad offered.
If it's for street use, you ought to try the Hawk HP+. Nice aggressive feel and they hold up well too.